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Amazon FBM is an operational method in which sellers store, ship, and manage inventory on their own. The seller needs to handle the order, packaging, and shipping on their own, taking responsibility for logistics services and delivery. Sellers using the FBM model can control their inventory and shipping processes, but they need to bear more operational and management costs.

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Product Description

Amazon FBM refers to Amazon only providing platform and order processing services. Sellers need to manage inventory, packaging, and shipping processes on their own, handle logistics, returns, and customer service issues, and have the right to freely control inventory and prices.

1. Unlike Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), sellers in the FBM model need to handle logistics issues on their own, but this also means that sellers can have more autonomy in controlling their business and choosing to use their own logistics channels to reduce logistics costs and improve efficiency.

2. Sellers using Amazon's FBM model need to manage their own inventory, including procurement, storage, inventory, and replenishment processes. Sellers need to ensure that their inventory is sufficient to meet customer needs.

3. The seller needs to handle the packaging and shipping issues of the order on their own to ensure timely delivery.

4.When using Amazon FBM mode, sellers need to handle issues such as returns and customer service on their own. Sellers need to process return requests to ensure that customers receive timely refund or exchange services.

5. Sellers also need to provide good customer service, answer and solve customer questions, in order to maintain good customer relationships.

Overall, the Amazon FBM model is suitable for sellers who need to independently control inventory and prices. Sellers can choose the most suitable operating model based on their own situation and market demand to achieve better sales results.

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