DHL International Express Delivery Services
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DHL International Express Delivery Services

DHL International Express Services is a leading global logistics company with a wide service network and rich logistics experience, committed to providing efficient, reliable, and safe logistics services to customers, and constantly innovating to meet their needs. As an excellent cooperative agent for DHL international express delivery services, we company adhere to the benchmark of safe and fast delivery of goods to the destination, using the most favorable prices to provide the highest quality service to every customer.

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Product Description

DHL International Express Services was established in 1969 and is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. It is one of the largest express and logistics companies in the world.The service scope of DHL International Express covers over 220 countries and regions worldwide, with approximately 380000 employees and over 4000 service points, which can meet customers' global logistics needs.

The main business of DHL International Express includes express delivery, freight, sea freight, air transportation, and other services. Its express delivery services include the transportation of documents, packages, and bulk goods, door-to-door services, and customs clearance. Customers can easily place orders and track the transportation status of packages through its website or mobile application. DHL International Express continues to innovate to meet customer needs, such as launching new digital solutions such as DHL supply watch and DHL resilience360, committed to providing customers with efficient, reliable, and safe logistics services.

The advantages of DHL international express delivery
1. Fast time response
Fast delivery time is the most advantageous feature of DHL international express delivery. In North America, Europe, and Australia, the delivery can be completed within 2-5 working days. In Southeast Asia, it takes 1-3 days to complete the signing process.

2.Good stability

DHL International Express has sufficient air flight resources. According to publicly available data, DHL Express has a fleet of 300 aircraft and continues to order cargo aircraft in cooperation with Boeing, with strong capacity. Strong transportation capacity, difficult to arrange storage, and good stability.

3. High security

The logistics channels under DHL International Express basically adopt a direct flight mode, including direct flights from mainland China and Hong Kong. The advantage of this is that the goods have fewer transit times, no need for multiple security checks and sorting, low loss rate, and high safety.

4. Wide postal coverage

According to the official introduction of DHL Express, the company can transport items to over 220 countries and regions worldwide, with a wide range of postal services.

5. Fast compensation efficiency

Compared to dedicated logistics, postal packages, and international EMS, DHL express delivery has the fastest compensation efficiency.

Disadvantages of DHL International Express
1. High prices
At the same time as good service, DHL express delivery fees are also relatively expensive, with high pricing standards and a large shipping weight. For example, shipping a 0.5kg item to the United States may start at 90 yuan. In addition, there are many additional fees for shipping goods through DHL express delivery, such as remote surcharges, overweight surcharges, and extra long surcharges.

2. Weak customs clearance ability

DHL express belongs to commercial express delivery and does not provide customs clearance services for packages. It adopts a natural mode of customs clearance, and has weaker customs clearance capabilities compared to dedicated logistics and postal logistics. Dedicated logistics can provide corresponding customs clearance services, such as DDP prepayment of customs duties and double clearance of all taxes. Postal logistics adopts postal channels for batch customs clearance, with high efficiency and safety in customs clearance.

3. Applicable to a small range of items

DHL Express officially does not accept any sensitive items, including items containing electricity, liquids, ointments, cosmetics, counterfeit items, pure batteries, etc., with a small range of applicable items. However, through the agent account of the freight forwarder, DHL express delivery can be used for sensitive items, such as the company's Hong Kong DHL, which can handle built-in electricity, supporting electricity, and counterfeit items.

DHL Express is not able to provide high-quality and good logistics services in all countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and other countries in South America. Not only is the service quality poor, there are few flight resources, but the price is extremely expensive. Compared to postal items, customs clearance is a disadvantage of DHL express delivery. Except for South America, Central Asia and Africa also have no obvious advantages. In Southeast Asia, the advantage is not as good as FedEx Express. Delivery is particularly difficult in Indonesia and Russia. For these countries, it is recommended to choose postal logistics, which has richer logistics resources and stronger customs clearance capabilities.

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