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What are the world's main shipping routes?


World main route
1. North Atlantic routes: Western Europe (Rotterdam, Hamburg, London, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg; Stockholm, Oslo, etc.) in Northern Europe -- North Atlantic -- East coast of North America (New York, Quebec, etc.), South coast (Port of New Orleans via Florida Straits).

2. Asia-europe Route (Suez Canal Route) : East Asia (Yokohama, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other ports, Via Taiwan, Bashi Channel, etc.), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Manila, etc.) - Malacca Strait -- Indian Ocean (South Asia Colombo, Mumbai, Calcutta, Karachi, etc.) -- Mandeb Strait (Aden) -- Red Sea -- Suez Canal (Alexandria) -- Mediterranean Sea (Tunis, Genoa) -- Strait of Gibraltar -- English ( Strait of Dover -- Countries of Western Europe.

3. Cape of Good Hope Route: In West Asia (Abadan, etc., via the Strait of Hormuz), East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia - Indian Ocean - East Africa (Dar es Salaam) - Mozambique Channel - Cape of Good Hope (Cape Town) - Atlantic Ocean - West Africa (Dahliar) - Western Europe, ships with a deadweight of more than 250,000 tons cannot pass through the Suez Canal. The Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa.

4. North Pacific route: East and Southeast Asia -- Pacific -- West Coast of North America (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Seattle, etc.) is an international trade route between Asia and North America. With the economic development of East Asia, the trade volume on this route is increasing. These four shipping routes are relatively busy in the world. The North Atlantic route is the busiest sea transportation route in the world, and the Cape of Good Hope route is the route with the largest oil volume, which is known as the "maritime lifeline" of Western countries.

5. Panama Canal Route: The East Coast of North America - The Panama Canal (Panama City) - The ports on the west coast of North America are short cuts between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and are important for connecting the east and west coasts of the United States.

6. South Pacific Route: The channel between countries in the Asia-Pacific region (Sydney, Wellington) - the Pacific (Honolulu) - and the west coast of South America (Lima, Valparaiso, etc.).

Chinese main route
Offshore route
1. China-north Korea route
2. China -- Japan route
3. China-vietnam route
4. China-hong Kong route
5. China-cis Far East Route
6. China-philippines route
7. China-singapore Route
8. China -- North Kalimantan Route
9. China-gulf of Thailand route
10. China-indonesia route
11. China -- Bay of Bengal Route
12. China-sri Lanka route
13. China -- Persian Gulf Route
14. China - Australia, New Zealand route

Ocean route
1. China -- Red Sea Route
2. China-east Africa route
3. China-west Africa route
4. China-mediterranean Route
5. China-western Europe route
6. China -- Northern Europe, Baltic Sea route
7. China-north America route

8. China - Central and South America Route